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Ikkishir is the cupboard I made myself (I love giving random things names). Most of you know about this. But not many of you know about the lessons I learned from it. Besides the See-I-Can-Do-This!-lesson, there was another rather important one that I would like to share with you.

I made this cupboard when I was not happy in my work. After doing project management for some time, which I was probably rather good at, I had to admit to myself I was not happy in my work (which hurts!). Every evening I’d come home and think I had not really done anything beside crisis-management and talking to clients and making sure other people knew what to do. The Builder inside me started objecting. Well, the Builder inside me was actually rioting. He was planning a revolution.

So I took some time off. Thinking that the time will give me great epiphanies and insights. Thinking that having all this free time would help me know what I wanted. Thinking that not having to do anything would make things better.

I started planning to make this cupboard and making other things in my house prettier. I had wanted to make this cupboard since the first day we moved in here, so now I finally had the time to turn this dream into reality. I started having ideas and executing them. And I waited for the wisdom to descend and come to me.

Every morning I would wake up (at eight, not at six, but still pretty early) and worked on the cupboard or on other things. Sitting on the floor with all that wood surrounding me, listening to some music, looking at the sun shining, life was pretty good. But I still did not get any answers. I did not even have any clear questions forming in my head.

The cupboard was done right on time. I only had a month or so to finish it and all of a sudden, there it was! I had built my very own see-through-cupboard. Yay for me!

Still no new insights.



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This was a wedding present for a very special friend of mine. She is french and lives in Indonesia now. I lost contact with her for three years but thanks to all the new media we have found each other again and we are very happy about that. She is one of the persons I know I will never really lose contact with. Here’s to you, Sarah!

woodburned name tag for Sarah

Here's to you, Sarah!

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