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I love baking. I’m making brownies today. To have all these raw ingredients, like eggs, sugar and flour and being able to turn them into something yummy makes me feel like I’ve actually achieved something. Making a lasagna from fresh self-made pasta and veggies and herbs makes me feel proud of myself. To me, this has more value than the ease and speed of using what I call ‘package food’. Of course, not every day allows me to do this. But still. I love it.

I’m a creator. I love creating something from nothing. I love combining existing things to make something new. Come to think of it, all the things I love doing most (creating music, writing, pondering, being creative, using my hands (click on any link at the right of this page 🙂 )) have this one thing in common. I’m a creator. I just need to build things.



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