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This is me. Pushing my own boundaries.

For the longest time (and still) I have not dared to post any of my music anywhere. Shame, fear, a feeling it’s not good enough, a feeling you can do so much better, thoughts about what has been and that’s what you are, thought that all the stuff I do now is so much inferior to what I used to do. All mixed into a soup of cowardice. I won’t do anymore. This is also part of me. No matter what other people might think. No matter it’s standard and not original. It’s something that I created. So by definition it’s part of me.I should stop identifying with the past and start acknowledging this is MY music too. So here it is.

This is me. Getting my music out there.

*squeezes her eyes shut and pastes the link*

*pfff.. sigh…that’s good practice for the 10s10w that’s coming up*

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