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For my fourth song of the 10s10w challenge, I crawled back into the familiar skin of influences from other continents, languages that don’t actually exist and playing with rhythms and funny measures. It’s my dream to start up an a capella choir someday (wanna join? contact me!), which will have all the elements I miss about Kayu (my old worldmusic band) combined with the bliss of singing with a bunch of people using pleasant or intricate harmonies (or both).

Recipe to my a capella dream:

– me
– fun people who I can relate to (musically and personally)
– original music (written myself or together)
– playing around with rhythms and measures
– playing around with languages or even languages that occur through music
– playing around with harmonies
– playing around with voices and percussion

There will be more songs like this (and this one will evolve into a song that feels right)!


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