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I have never been the person to want to stop hunger in Africa, or save all the rain forests. Somehow I never felt like I would be enough. This never stopped me from thinking I could change the world, though. I could change my own little world. And has always been enough for me.

I’d like to believe that a person, however small, can have a large effect on the world surrounding him. This is why I always try to make the tiny world that surrounds me a bit better. If you believe that positive things will spread, imagine how big your influence can be just by reaching those closest to you.

I like thinking about it like a drop falling in a pond. It’s just one drop, but the circles it initiates grow larger and larger. After reading this post, you might want to read the haiku’s I wrote about the same subject.

A couple of examples of how I try to do this:

– Every time I find myself walking on the sidewalk, I play a little game. Whenever I meet people walking in the opposite direction, I try to make eye contact and smile. When they smile back, I won, and I conjured a smile upon a stranger’s face, which is a reward in itself. I think it is important to make other people smile, even though you don’t know them. Everybody has a right to some kindness. And I believe smiles can make the world a better place. A smile in itself is already worth it.

– I once spent half an hour in the cold giving random people compliments. And I’m planning to do it more often. I recommend it to everyone. Everybody feels good after a genuine compliment. You can read about my experience here.

– My mother-in-law had a really good example of how you can change the world just by yourself. She gets coffee at the same coffee place every time and always thinks it’s a waste to get a new cup every time she gets coffee there. So she started asking them to refill the cup she already had. At first the people there looked at her in a funny way and asked whether she was sure about this. But last week, something happened. One of the guys asked her why she was doing this. After her explanation, he asked her whether she would consider buying one of those reusable cups if he would sellĀ  them in his store. She said yes. And he ordered them right there and then.
I love this example because she did not try to force anyone to do anything, but it still happened, just because she kept close to who she wanted to be. Big yay for her!

I guess what I’m trying to get across here is that small things might just spread. Start small, think big. Like that, we can all change the world just by being who we are, through the simple concept of the tendency for good things to spread.

If you feel compelled to try it yourself, the following link will inspire you to do one random act of kindness every day. I think it’s a very good idea:

What is your way of making the world a better place?

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