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So. My event is over. And I made it!

My goal was to write 5 singer-songwriter songs and 5 a cappella songs. And here they are:

Singer-Songwriter songs:
People wander in the streets
Happiest song on the planet
Watered out
Butterflies and clear blue skies
No room for thoughts

A cappella songs:
Rollinโ€™ (Soul-ish)
Toba Ngue (African-ish)
Soil, Sun, Water, Time (folkish)
Foolish Pride (weirdish)
Circling (musical style)

I’m happy that I posted everything on YouTube. I’m grateful to all the persons helping me with this and supporting me by leaving comments. I think I’ve proven that I can write a song in a week (now what can I do with that new knowledge?). And I’m happy that I now have some material to use for either my own a cappella choir or my own singer-songwriter person. ๐Ÿ™‚ It has taught me that you can force yourself to be disciplined. And you can force yourself to be creative (even with music). And that motivation is a wonderous thing…

Sigh. That was fun. And I’m glad it’s over. Now what am I going to do every weekend?

Let me know which one is your favorite and why!

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My fifth entry of my own 10 songs in 10 weeks challenge. Created with not enough time. But there anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s about my times when the world seems unfair and I feel invisible. I have my times. Fortunately, they’re don’t define my life, but I would be fibbing if I would say they’re not part of my emotional scope. This song is a description of how I feel in one of my ‘water-darkened-states’.

Watered out

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For my fourth song of the 10s10w challenge, I crawled back into the familiar skin of influences from other continents, languages that don’t actually exist and playing with rhythms and funny measures. It’s my dream to start up an a capella choir someday (wanna join? contact me!), which will have all the elements I miss about Kayu (my old worldmusic band) combined with the bliss of singing with a bunch of people using pleasant or intricate harmonies (or both).

Recipe to my a capella dream:

– me
– fun people who I can relate to (musically and personally)
– original music (written myself or together)
– playing around with rhythms and measures
– playing around with languages or even languages that occur through music
– playing around with harmonies
– playing around with voices and percussion

There will be more songs like this (and this one will evolve into a song that feels right)!


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Here’s my third song of the 10 songs in 10 weeks challenge. After some people told me the first song was a bit serious, I resolved to write the happiest song on the planet. And here it is!

I am happy I rediscovered the ukelele. It’s a wonderful instrument and easier to play for me than the guitar because I can reach everything. In my next holiday, I’ll make sure to bring along this tiny 4-stringed piece of joy!


Watch ‘Happiest song on the planet’ on YouTube



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My first song of 10s10w is posted on the site and on YouTube, exactly on time. Although it’s hard work, and although I didn’t really feel like making 9 more, this one was fun to do, and I guess I’m still going to do it!

The song was inspired by the ‘Where’s Waldo’ books (which I love because of the hours of fun it creates and the rich experience you get). Don’t know how, but the idea just hit me in the shower. And I connected it to the notion that I think every person has a story worthwhile telling.

Watch my song here:

People wander in the streets

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Today I started.
I woke up.
I thought about melody lines.
I thought about more melody lines.
I wanted to write something a capella-y in a 7/4 measure.

It didn’t work.

The reason was that another song idea was slowly pulling at me and was ready to explode.

So I got my guitar (still in bed).
I started messing around.
And before I knew it, I had a melody line and a guitar part.
Nothing feels better than the ‘before I knew it’-part.

10 songs in 10 weeks, we have now officially started! Bring it on!

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This is me. Pushing my own boundaries.

For the longest time (and still) I have not dared to post any of my music anywhere. Shame, fear, a feeling it’s not good enough, a feeling you can do so much better, thoughts about what has been and that’s what you are, thought that all the stuff I do now is so much inferior to what I used to do. All mixed into a soup of cowardice. I won’t do anymore. This is also part of me. No matter what other people might think. No matter it’s standard and not original. It’s something that I created. So by definition it’s part of me.I should stop identifying with the past and start acknowledging this is MY music too. So here it is.

This is me. Getting my music out there.

*squeezes her eyes shut and pastes the link*

*pfff.. sigh…that’s good practice for the 10s10w that’s coming up*

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