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Tomorrow I will try to hang my three guitars on the wall. They’ll look so good in my living room, it is bound to make me feel proud to have done it. Part of me feels guilty though, because I’m just a girl, and I happen to have 3 guitars, even though I don’t actually play that well. This part feels like I’m not supposed to have three guitars, because I’m not a guitarist. Real guitarists are allowed to have three guitars and hang them on the wall, not a girl whose guitar skills are not even mediocre. I don’t deserve to have three guitars and I don’t deserve to hang them on my wall. It feels like I’m bragging about something I’m not.

Of course, this is all bull****. If I want to hang my three guitars on the wall, I should just do it. Nobody else will really care, except for me. This, again, is one of those delusional stories you weave around your own being so you can continue to be afraid. In this post, I’ll try to unravel all these unconscious and confusing feelings in an attempt to understand a bit more what that’s all about (and hopefully learn something from it).



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