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Things I learnt in the past few years amount to the following sentence:

It’s ok to ask for what you want if you can’t get it yourself (efficiently)

Let’s see if I can draw up the path that led me here…

1) It’s ok to ask for something you need. I don’t have to do things all alone. I have people who care about me, and people who are willing to help. Nobody should have to do everything alone. So I learnt to ask for help if I needed it. It is hard in the beginning. It is humbling, admitting you can’t do it by yourself. And it is good to have company when you need help.



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We have all these beautiful people surrounding us, yet we insist on solving things by ourselves and being alone.

There’s one word that’s been coming up lately. Trust. And I decided to dedicate not one, but three (yes, three!) blogposts to it. For the other ones, click on these links: Trust that my friends will want to support me, Trust that my friends will want to spend time with me.

Trust that my friends will (want to) help me

I always thought I was a patient person. I always thought I was good at trusting other people to do the tasks that were assigned to them. Turns out I’ve got some more learning to do.

This is where I came from. I was brought up seeing people not wanting to ask for help. I’m so very proud of my mom, who let us do almost all the cooking over Christmas! I’ve been surrounded by people most of my life who solve everything by themselves.

I’ve come to see that asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. (more…)

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