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We have all these beautiful people surrounding us, yet we insist on solving things by ourselves and being alone.

There’s one word that’s been coming up lately. Trust. And I decided to dedicate not one, but three (yes, three!) blogposts to it. For the other ones, click on these links: Trust that my friends will (want to) help meTrust that my friends will want to support me.

Trust that my friends will want to spend time with me

Now, before I go into this one, let me just say that this following post is mostly in a situation with someone I feel very close to. So no random business contacts, far acquaintances, or friends that I don’t really feel that close to.

I’m never sure whether other people want to spend time with me. Maybe they’re too busy. Maybe they like me, but only in a once-a-year kind of way. Maybe they’re afraid to hurt my feelings when they say no. Maybe they just want to do their own thing. Maybe they just don’t feel like it (which is like, the best excuse ever to not spend time with me!)
People do and say a lot of things for the wrong reason, and I have a hard time trusting other people to just do what THEY want without considering how I feel about it.
“I don’t like you” may hurt (my ego). But “I don’t feel like it” will never hurt me (I will go like: you want to just stay home with a good book and some hot chocolate on the couch? yay for you!).

Consider the following two sentences:
1) “Do you want ice-cream?”
2) “I want ice-cream, you want some too?”

They might look the same to you, but there’s a subtle, yet important difference in these two questions. (more…)


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I love this guy. His music not only makes me happy, he also says a lot of wise things! I wish there was a way to show him my gratitude for being an inspiration. Thanks to the modern world with all its ways of expressing your personal views, I get to read his blog posts and most of them never fail to conjure up a smile on my face. With writing these blog posts, mr. Mraz actually succeeds in making his audience feel close and connected. Bravo to him.

I hope you enjoy his post as much as I did. Some great new ways of viewing the world are packaged in his wonderful way with words. Enjoy!

Now Here’s Resolutions

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I’m immensely grateful for the amount of luck we have received the past couple of years as a family.

I’m immensely grateful of the amount of love that was at the kitchen table at Christmas.

I’m immensely grateful of the hope we all feel when looking in the eyes of our newest family member who is now 4 months old.

I’m immensely grateful that the distance that we have to cross to be together is not too great for us to overcome.

I’m immensely grateful of the opportunities that are given to us, or that we create for ourselves.

I’m immensely grateful of the choices we have made that turned out to be just what we needed.

I’m immensely grateful of the support our family gives us, even though sometimes that must be hard.

I’m immensely grateful for all the friends I have and for all the appreciation that they show me. I’m honored to call myself your friend.

I’m immensely grateful for the fun I’m having every day.

I’m immensely grateful for life as it is right now.

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