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At last…

This is a good example of something that doesn’t even take an hour to make, but I was putting it off because I ‘didn’t feel like it’. Finally, it is done, and I’m quite happy with it.

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I made this for my nephew who just turned 2 years old. At that age, I never know what kind of present to get, so I figured I’d just make him a toy. Somehow, making a red care seemed appropriate. I hope he’ll like it.

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A friend of mine has a label: Blooey. I bought the t-shirt, I really dig those funkylittlemonsters!  So for his birthday, I made one from felt. Still have to practice a bit, but it kind of looks like the same funky little monster, doesn’t it? Remko, you rock!

Funky little monster!


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When I got an iPod and iPhone, I tried knitting my own case (because the cases in the store are so horribly expensive). That didn’t quite work, so I turned to material I sometimes make little animals out of: felt. I think it’s wonderful, because it weighs nothing, feels good, you have lots of colors and it handles nicely.

This is my newest one (I’ll post older ones soon), made for my father-in-law… not sure he’ll be too happy about the eyes, but I liked them!

felt case for iPhone with eyes

He's looking at me!

felt case for iPhone

Initials, a personal touch to the case

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