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Yesterday I did something that some people might consider really stupid. Foolish even. For some time, I felt bad. I got really worked up about it. Until I got some really good advice from two people:

“It doesn’t matter”
“You won’t die”

If you really pay attention to these words, you will find that they are true and in most cases, the answer to “Does it really matter?” will be ‘no’. I even dare to say the answer will always be no. It REALLY doesn’t matter.

Take for instance the situation that you’ve just missed your train. Does it really matter? Where do you need to go? And what time do you need to be there (as opposed to what time are you supposed to be there)? Does it really matter that you’ll be a quarter of an hour late?
And even if you have this important business meeting, does it really matter that you’ll be there on time? Maybe the client will get angry because now his schedule will get screwed up (does THAT really matter?), and maybe as a result of that, you won’t get that deal (does THAT really matter?). Even if that deal is a million dollar deal, does THAT even really matter? Maybe you’ll get fired… does that even matter that much? It might open possibilities you never knew were out there.


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