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Some of you might not realize it, but our parent’s won’t always be around. Nor will our grandfathers and grandmothers, beloved uncles and aunts or all the other people you love. I realize this. Maybe slightly too often. This is why I asked my mother one day to tell me her story.

I wanted to know how she lived her life. I wanted to see what she would tell me. I wanted to understand what she had once believed in and what she is like. I wanted to hear her own story. Her story had value to me. As all stories of the ones we love have value to us alone.

I took her to a beautiful monastery and then sat her down. And she started to talk. While she was talking, I typed everything she said. Then, I edited her story, but only in the slightest way, and gave her back her own story.

To me, doing this was very important. I wanted to record something of her, before it would be too late. I will do this with my father too, some day. And it gave me the idea that others might feel the need of a written story too.

So I encourage you: go write down your parents’ story! Or that of someone else whose story you alone might value. If you need help, I can get that story written for you, since I’m trained in qualitative research and a good listener. I also enjoy writing and hearing about other people’s lives. And sometimes, talking to a stranger is easier. Just send me a message.

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