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Some time ago, my sister gave me a piece of wood. Of course, she already knew I enjoy making name plates. I gave her the following piece as a Christmas present. I think it’s wonderful because the piece of wood has not been worked (apart from sanding it down). The font is an imitation of her own handwriting and I was happy she recognized it as such.

And, while I’m at it: here’s another piece I made some time ago. This was for my parents-in-law, but then they moved to Australia, and now it’s still at my house in Holland…
The wood was found on the streets and I just cut out the shape I wanted it to have. I just used a fretsaw and some sanding paper to fillet the edges. I let them choose the font.

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This was a wedding present for a very special friend of mine. She is french and lives in Indonesia now. I lost contact with her for three years but thanks to all the new media we have found each other again and we are very happy about that. She is one of the persons I know I will never really lose contact with. Here’s to you, Sarah!

woodburned name tag for Sarah

Here's to you, Sarah!

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