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Ha! I had it so backwards all the time! It’s not about believing in yourself. It might actually be about acting according to what you DO believe.

I think that revelation may need some explanation.. here goes.

I’m listening to the book ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor (watch his TED talk here, it’s fun and it’s about unicorns (!).) and he makes some really good points. He cites dozens of examples of scientific research that proves that if you have a positive attitude, you’re more likely to succeed in something, which for me at the moment, translated into ‘you can succeed at a goal if you believe in yourself.’ Which, coincidentally, is easier said than done.



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Things I learnt in the past few years amount to the following sentence:

It’s ok to ask for what you want if you can’t get it yourself (efficiently)

Let’s see if I can draw up the path that led me here…

1) It’s ok to ask for something you need. I don’t have to do things all alone. I have people who care about me, and people who are willing to help. Nobody should have to do everything alone. So I learnt to ask for help if I needed it. It is hard in the beginning. It is humbling, admitting you can’t do it by yourself. And it is good to have company when you need help.


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I’m a mouse.

Suppose I’m a little mouse. And I’m scared of making myself vulnerable, walking out in the open. I’d rather stay in my safe cozy hole in the wall.

But sometimes I peek my head out of my hole and then I dream of the other side of the room, and how wonderful it would be to see beyond what is in my direct line of view.

For any mouse, with any dream, I would applaud him for taking that first step out of his hole, however small, towards getting somewhere. I don’t care whether the mouse will actually reach its goal. I don’t even really care what its goal is. I just know that those steps are hard and scary, and I have humble admiration for anyone who dares make them.


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