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I have what I call a buy-fobia. Ok, this may be a wee bit exaggerated, but it is a fact that I get some bodily reaction that resembles fear when I have to make a (say, > 15 euro’s) purchase.

I think this goes back to the time when my dad (probably subconsciously?) taught me the value of things ¬†and in the process, pointed out (also subconsciously) that desire for a product is fleeting: Whenever I would want something, he’d say no. It was a most definite no. The no that you don’t argue with. He would take me aside 3 weeks later, and tell me: “if you still really want it, I will buy it for you.” Of course, 99 our of 100 times, my desire had passed.
I think this worked really well. I’m even considering doing it with my own kids. But it may also have sparked the belief that objects have little to no value. (which isn’t true)


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