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I really wonder if this is a Dutch communication pattern, or whether this happens in other places too. Sometimes, people acknowledge what another person has said by using the word ‘no’. This makes for interesting conversations that I never really quite understand…

A conversation in the train:

Lady 1, pointing at the umbrella a man is carrying:
“You will probably need that today!”

Lady 2, sitting next to the man:
“Well, we already used it this morning!”

Lady 1: “Oh, we were lucky. The rain had stopped when we went out the door.”

Lady 2: “No, we had lots of rain!”

Lady 1: “No, it was quite dry at 10am.”

Lady 2: “No, not for us!”

The use of the word ‘no’ is very interesting here. Why would people use that word like that?


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This morning I asked myself:

“When did I start putting my hair behind my ear with a couple of fingers, neatly cupping it in a ‘graceful’ way, instead of just shuffing it aside with my whole hand, putting it where ever it wants to fall, like you see four-year-olds do?”

“How come an eight year old boy poses for a picture, elbow on his knee, looking straight at the camera with a self confident air and conscious posture, where just a couple of years ago, he would just stand there?”

At a certain moment in our lives, quite young (my guess is around 7 or 8), we become more self conscious about things. We stop just doing things and start with thinking about things and choosing how we want to do them. It’s like we were living a life in perfect flow and then stopped.


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I’m reading the story I wrote for the NaNoWriMo 2010 for the first time. In my head, this story turned into the most cliche, most boring, exactly the same as the previous story of all times. Luckily, my imagination took over somewhere in that process, because it isn’t all that bad. One sentence in every hundred other ones is actually well put and rather ingenious.

I want to share this part on this blog. Because it made me think. (Part of the fun of reading it again is that I honestly have no idea how it will end and I have no recollection for the most part of what I wrote, so I can actually read it as any other book). The story itself is over 50.000 words (part of the challenge), so this is only a little part of it, but in itself worth putting up here, I think.

She didn’t look up. She wasn’t going to give up this feeling easily. She was going to stay in it for as long as possible. But the old man did not allow her that time. With a rasping voice, he intruded into her realm.
“Now how could a young missy like you be in so much trouble?”
She didn’t reply. He had no right. He was already judging her by the feel of it and this was the last thing she needed right now. 


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All my life I’ve felt lucky. 28 years. There have been times when I’ve felt my portion of luck was undeservingly big. That for the sake of fairness, I should give at least some away.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve felt uncharacteristically unlucky. I wonder why. Maybe it’s just my time.
Maybe my luck goes to others now.


I refuse to give up faith.
I will keep believing in hope.
And I will follow my pursuit of happiness.

I don’t need luck to be whole. Maybe some un-luck will make me more me.

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Awesome site

I like this guy’s style and attitude! Btw, there are books too!


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