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It all started with… It’s been so long ago I can’t even remember. I know I’ve been doing this since I was about 16. At the end of each day, I’d go over my day and pick one event that would qualify as my ‘surprise of the day’.

This has gone a bit out of hand, because now I have a whole arsenal of ‘things of the day’.

1) surprise of the day – what surprised me most?
2) proud moment of the day – what am I most proud of?
3) gift of the day – what am I most grateful for?
4) epic win of the day – what objective did I meet?

I do most of this together with other people. It helps me keep up doing it every day. Why I do this? Well…
I think that going over your day helps enhance awareness. Also, with most of these things, it helps me (even though it’s not limited to) focus on the positive things that happen every day, because I tend to ‘keep a look out’. And there’s only one rule: You can’t NOT have one! If you don’t know what your surprise/proud moment/gift/epic win was, then think again, because there’s always something that you can think of, in the end.

Of course, doing four of them is a bit ridiculous. But doing one of them (think about what you could use more of in your everyday life; gratitude? sense of achievement? happiness?) is highly recommended. Simple, quick, and effective.


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