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I made this for my nephew who just turned 2 years old. At that age, I never know what kind of present to get, so I figured I’d just make him a toy. Somehow, making a red care seemed appropriate. I hope he’ll like it.

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Whenever I tell people about my idealistic view of the world (which is, I must admit, pretty often) I tell them I allow myself to think and speak like this because I’m young enough to still be an idealist. This notion is meant as a joke. Not everybody gets it.

I have observed myself being an idealist in a lot of situations lately. It has come up abundantly in my conversations with other people. I like talking about it. It makes me wonder (not worry) whether I will be able to keep this world view up as I grow more… experienced (I refuse to say older, or more mature ;))

I dare to dream of a better world. I dare to trust in a world that is nice, positive, and that builds on people’s strengths. To me, every person is interesting and has strengths and talents. Not everybody has discovered that about him/herself or is actually bringing that into the world (yet!), but I believe it is there.


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Spring Haiku




Blossom petals
Fall like nature’s confetti
It’s a spring’s party

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